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This project was built in a sort of sprint process - creating a demo for the purpose of fundraising. The UX process was short and decisive, both from the client's side and ours. Quickly, we started the UI process, which initially took the form of a concept and idea presentation. After approvals, the actual design was developed, aiming to convey a sense of space, openness, and cleanliness. Along with the product's monitoring capabilities, all of this was expressed through round elements and bright, clean colors.

The challenge in this process was to unravel the complex components in the panels that were meant to convey the "story" to people who are not familiar with the technology.

A platform that monitors the full Network Airspace to provide visibility, security, and control over critical infrastructure.

Their sensors analyze all wireless trafficking in order to differentiate the corporate entities internally & externally, identify attacks, and enforce any connection policy the user mandates.

Network Airespace Control and Protection



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